Oct 20, 2016

On-Prem Cloud by Igneous

Igneous (www.igneous.io), finally unveils its product, I should say service, after several years of development. It's a huge announcement as the company is a pioneer in this new kind of storage service. The official name is Igneous Data Service.

Oct 17, 2016

Veritas changes two key execs

Veritas Technologies (www.veritas.com), the leader in Enterprise Data Management, has just made some executives changes. It's a surprise these 2 names were very active during recent Veritas Vision conference. Ana Pinczuk, CPO, is replaced by Mike Palmer promoted as EVP and CPO from the SVP Insight and Orchestration group and Matt Cain, President WFO, is replaced by Tom Ashburn, EVP WFO. Wow it's a sudden move...

Oct 14, 2016

IBM COS, confirmation of Cleversafe leadership

IBM (www.ibm.com | NYSE:IBM), the IT worldwide leader for decades, just announced a new flavor of its 2015 Cleversafe acquisition. Recognized multi years in a row as the best object storage product on the planet - no doubt, it is the real proven best existing object storage - IBM transforms dsNet product and offers it now as a service deployed in all its data centers named Cloud Object Storage or COS.

Oct 7, 2016

Cache better than Flash with InfiniBox 3.0

Infinidat (www.infinidat.com), the alternative enterprise-class storage vendor, continues its journey to disrupt the market. Founded in 2011 by Moshe Yanai, the genius behind EMC Symmetrix and XIV, the company just introduced a new major iteration of its core software, represented by InfiniBox 3.0.

Oct 6, 2016

LizardFS, an Open Source SDS again

LizardFS (www.lizardfs.com), name of an open source SDS developed by Skytechnology from Poland, continues to incrementally penetrate the market. Nothing really new with this product except it perfectly illustrates the dynamism of this segment and the penetration of open source and SDS and their close link. The project came from MooseFS that tries to clone Google File System.

Oct 3, 2016

Kaminario adds Analytics to K2

Kaminario (www.kaminario.com), the leader in All-Flash Array and promoter of All-Flash Data Center, continues to enrich its K2 storage platform. The company just announced a cloud-based storage analytics platform named Clarity to simplify K2 management and monitor usages and consumption.

Sep 30, 2016

Nexsan has a new CMO

Nexsan (www.nexsan.com), long time player in storage, continues its recover. After the acquisition by Imation for $120M in 2013, Nexsan is now the full product line of Imation. If you check Imation web site you're redirected to the Nexsan one. And Nexsan even invites past employees to join again the company, this is the case for Victoria Grey who was SVP Marketing in 2010 at Nexsan, now CMO.

Sep 28, 2016

iguazio unveils its Enterprise Data Cloud platform

Iguazio (www.iguaz.io), innovator in Big Data computing platform, capitalizes on the Strata+Hadoop World conference held in New-York this week to unveil the product and officially moves out of stealth. If you remember I wrote about iguazio in June following the opportunity I had to meet two of the co-founders Asaf Somekh and Yaron Haviv.

Sep 26, 2016

Special Edition in Israel for the 20th IT Press Tour

The IT Press Tour (www.itpresstour.com) will take place for the very first time in Israel in November. A group of top European journalists will visit R&D centers and meet top executives from:
  • CTera Networks, leader in EFSS and remote/branch office Data Protection,
  • iguazio, next generation Data Platform-as-a-Service,
  • Infinidat, reference in Enterprise class Hybrid Storage,
  • Kaminario, one of the fastest All-Flash Array promoting a Full Flash Data Center,
  • NooBaa, new player in Scalable Commodity Storage,
  • Reduxio, developper of a new approach storage platform with space efficiency technology,
  • and Weka.IO, a new Software-Defined Storage player.

Sep 23, 2016

Arqova is working on HC 2.0

Arqova (www.arqova.com) is super confidential on the market with just a domain name and a few simple web pages. We heard that the company is working on next generation Hyper Converged approach with a mix of new hardware and software but nothing was really detailed. The product should be able to be deployed for both enterprises and cloud providers. Nothing is posted on LinkedIn but we know that the company has an address in Los Gatos.