Jan 18, 2017

Silvercor, Ethernet Flash Drives

Silvercor (www.silvercor.com), alternative storage vendor, is an other player similar to Igneous with an embedded cpu board on each drive. Drives are Ethernet Flash drives exposing iSCSI or an object interface and CPUs are AMD Embedded G-Series SoC quad or dual 64bits x86 cores.

Jan 11, 2017

New round for the New Panzura

Panzura (www.panzura.com), leader in the cloud storage gateway market segment, just announced a new VC round of $32M for a total of $90M almost 3 years after the last capital injection. With a new management in place led by Patrick Harr for a few months now, the company is now ready to accelerate the development of new products, Panzura introduced recently an archive gateway named Freedom, and is also ready for new generation of gateway to tackle on-prem storage.

Jan 10, 2017

Kaminario receives $75M

Kaminario (www.kaminario.com), the Flash leader met recently during 2 IT Press Tours in California and in Israel, just announced a new VC round for $75M for a total of $218M. Perfect to start the year and accelerate the development towards new holy graal with NVMe and new array generation. Congratulations to the team.

Jan 9, 2017

Igneous DEEPR, a new animal

Igneous (www.igneous.io), an innovator in cloud storage, continues to promote differences as their solution is really unique. For readers who wish to read about Igneous, please read past posts I wrote: 1, 2 and 3. We have learned a lot for Kiran Bhagesphur, CEO and co-founder, during December edition of The IT Press Tour that serves as a take-off ramp for many companies.

Jan 4, 2017

Open vStorage, a confidential player

Open vStorage (www.openvstorage.com), alternative emerging player in this fuzzy SDS world, was another good surprise during the last edition of The IT Press Tour in the valley last month. The background of the company is super strong having developed famous products during the past 10 years.

Dec 23, 2016

DDN WOS for a natural storage extension

DDN (www.ddn.com), the leader in high performance storage, continues its software portfolio journey. WOS, introduced as a software flavor in Q1 2014 under the name 360, represents today 10% of the WOS installed base and maintains leading positioning especially round design, ILM and data protection.

Dec 19, 2016

Primary Data contributes to NFS 4.2

Primary Data (www.primarydata.com), a leader in unified parallel storage based on pNFS, continues its market penetration effort with its recent participation to the #21 IT Press Tour and the 3rd participation for the company. Great meeting with 2 key leaders present: Lance Smith, CEO, and David Flynn, CTO & co-founder.
The company has made great progress since our last visit and especially with the GA of DataSphere available since VMworld in August.

Dec 15, 2016

Jeff Denworth joins Vast Data

Vast Data (www.vastdata.com), an emerging ISV dedicated to unstructured data, just recruited Jeff Denworth as VP Products. A bit surprise as we have met Jeff recently early November during the Israeli edition of The IT Press Tour where he was SVP Marketing at CTera Networks. It doesn’t exist lots of information about Vast Data, let’s wait a few months before Jeff will update us. He's replaced by Tom Grave, SVP Marketing at CTera Networks now, who came from Catalogic Software and before SimpliVity. We now understand why Tom was present in Israel for the press briefing.

Dec 14, 2016

New StorNext iteration for Quantum

Quantum (www.quantum.com | NYSE:QTM), a leader in data management, StorNext 5.4 (SN) with several new features and extensions. Powered by SN Storage Manager as the central intelligence and authority and the variety of products and elements in the storage hierarchy, Quantum promotes a multi-tier approach transparent for users and applications wherever data and devices reside and whatever the device nature is: cloud, on-prem, disk, object storage or tape.
just announced

Dec 7, 2016

Minio Tsunami is coming

Minio (www.minio.io), alternative player in the object storage wave with an open source approach, continues its community penetration with an even more comprehensive product. The IT Press Tour met Minio last year and we have measured great progress in last 12 months. The team is pretty small but really efficient and the model has proven that the community effect makes development and adoption faster and greater.