Apr 29, 2016

Object Storage was hot at OpenStack Summit

OpenStack (www.openstack.org) this week in Austin was an impressive event with 7500 attendees. The conference is always a good moment for a refresh about OpenStack projects, community and deployments and the first keynote set the bar pretty high. The expo was also a key moment of the week and among various topics, object storage was very hot with of course open source solution such Swift, Ceph and OpenIO but also with commercial offering like Coho Data, DDN WOS, EMC, Hedvig, Hitachi, IBM Cleversafe, NetApp, Nexenta, Oracle, Pure Storage and SwiftStack, commercial flavor of Swift. Among absences, Caringo even with a HQ in Austin, Cloudian as the strategy is really to offer On-Premise S3, Minio as Swift is not the strategy angle. Huawei had a ridiculous booth if we compare with past editions. This event confirms if needed that large data centers will be powered by open source on commodity servers, large telco at the show comment positively on this and refuse to pay for software license. Choice is now even more open with Ceph even if Red Hat acquired Inktank, still Swift and OpenIO the last company appearing on the market but a real pioneer with a technology designed already in 2006. Again who has existed at that time ? Bycast, Caringo, Cleversafe and EMC.

Apr 25, 2016

New Edge Filer for Avere

Avere Systems (www.averesystems.com), leader in Cloud Storage Gateway, just announced a few days ago a new entry level FXT product. The Edge Filer product line continues to address Private/Public Cloud connection, WAN Caching for ROBO and of course NAS on Object Storage. The last iteration starts at $75.5k and is 1U, 7.2TB SAS HDD per node so 360TB per cluster, 128GB RAM, and 4 GbE ports and 4 10GbE ports. The following table summarize all products developed by Avere. Probably today one of the best Cloud Storage Gateway.

Apr 22, 2016

Cloud on-prem by Igneous

Igneous (www.igneous.io), innovator in cloud storage, was at the NAB this week and I got the pleasure to discuss and see the product for real after several months of wait. Igneous delivers a very interesting offering with a ready to use Cloud storage for on-premise. The product is 4U chassis with 60 x 6TB drives open by the top working in 2 x 20+8 distributed entities - 20 data and 8 parities - and each drive has a small CPU board connected in the back. Each drive has Gb port and globally each one is linked to the 10Gb switch. The box is fully autonomous and the user never touches, configured or does maintenance on it. In addition to that 2 x 1U server is shipped connected to the box, these servers expose Amazon S3 outside and offer full data distribution plus remote maintenance capabilities. The product is sold by annual subscription. It reminds me the Kinetic approach even if here the approach is proprietary but it seems to deliver the promises. Igneous has many POC in test and plans to announce the product GA around Q4 this year. It's good to see this kind of new design, model and innovation in storage today, really sure this approach will make a impact. Perfect candidate for an IT Press Tour soon.

Apr 18, 2016

All kind of reduction for Qumulo

Qumulo (www.qumulo.com), one of the leaders in the new NAS wave, has 2 interested news to share. First the company is introducing a new Core release 2.0 and new appliance models. The key software news is the addition of erasure coding working at chunk-level and finally the company joined the wagon with Isilon and Rozo Systems the 2 other leaders in Fast Scale-Out NAS. The other software feature is the Capacity trends analysis capability. On the appliance side, the 3 models are QC40, QC104 and QC260 available with high capacity 10TB HDD and join a rich family with 5 flavors: QC24 (1.6TB Flash + 24TB HDD) and QC40 as 1U appliance and QC104, QC208 (2.6TB Flash + 208TB HDD) and QC260 are 4U appliances. To give you an idea of the price, a 4-node QC24 cluster starts at $50k and the pricing model is in $ per TB per year. As of today, 40PB for the ww capacity deployed for 50 paying customers. At the same time, the company d is doing a RIF and move down from 90 people to 66, representing already more than 25% of the total employees.

Apr 14, 2016

HyperStore 6.0 from Cloudian

Cloudian (www.cloudian.com), the leader in on-premise S3 cloud storage, announced HyperStore 6.0 with several very interesting features such:
  • a new revisited GUI for all operations via the interface and a 360 degree view,
  • an durability extension for better data protection with Amazon S3 cross-region copy and some pro-active repair not present in the past,
  • some storage analytics output to display hot-spots and a new object-GPS to locate data across all hardware entities on the planet,
HyperStore 6.0 will be GA May 1st and is still at $0.01/GB/month so a pretty aggressive price.
At the same time, Gartner published the report named "Critical Capabilities for Object Storage" with obviously Cleversafe as #1 Object Storage on the planet. It is the best object storage for sure but Gartner recognizes Cloudian with first time presence and high rates. Just to mention that Air France-KLM is now a Cloudian customer. Congrats Michael, Paul and the rest of the team.

Apr 12, 2016

New small system from HGST

HGST (www.hgst.com), a Western Digital company, introduces a new active archive system, the SA1000 which starts at 672TB (425TB usable so a EC efficiency ratio of 63%) and can be configured up to 28PB when you configure it in geo-mode across 3 data centers for one namespace. HGST understands that wish to address large capacity is not enough to sustain a business and geo deployment could be also useful at smaller scale. The SA1000 is available and complements the SA7000 which starts at 4.7PB (exactly 4704TB for 2976TB usable still fro the same 63% EC efficiency ratio) in a single rack, delivers 3.5GB/s per rack.
HGST continues to believe in true object access methods and like Cleversafe announced a new certification with the new Avere 5000 FXT Edge Filer, one of the best cloud gateway on the market. The company has unveiled as well that Revera, a New Zealand cloud provider, has adopted the platform to be the Revera Vault back-end.
HGST also became member of the iRODS Consortium who develops and supports an open source software platform for storing, searching, and sharing large files and datasets named the integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS). Interesting announcement, congrats to the HGST team.

Apr 11, 2016

Igneous unveils new leaders

Igneous (www.igneous.io), new player in data center with cloud solutions for on-premise deployments, has just made a new iteration to prepare the public of its landing on the planet. The company just announced 2 new executives: Steve Pao as CMO and Marc Tanguay as VP, Strategic Sales. The company has currently several alpha and beta sites and plans to unveil its final product late 2016. But we'll have a great chance to meet them very soon at NAB booth SU11926MR.

Apr 1, 2016

MapR shakes its exec layer

MapR (www.mapr.com), the 3rd Hadoop player and the much more commercial one, has recently mixed its exec team. Matt Mills joined the company as President and COO with 20 years at Oracle, David Cross as CMO coming from Ventiv Technology and Geneva Lake as SVP WW Business Development. The CTO and co-founder MC Shrivas has decided to leave the company and will join Uber as Chief Data Architect and Jack Norris has also changed of function and he's now VP Data and Applications. Hum, it seems that keys have changed hands and now a COO with leader ISV experience takes the operational lead. Something happened, the company has changed of direction and it seems the MapR had difficulties to deliver. It reminds me something with a pretty similar pattern.

Mar 31, 2016

AppDynamics recruits a new CMO

AppDynamics (www.appdynamics.com), the clear leader in Application Performance Management, just announced the recruitment of Kendall Collins as CMO. He joins AppDynamics from Salesforce where he spent 12 years and was CMO for the last 3 years. Strange or he needs a new challenge ? With the recent record VC round and the new CEO, Davis Wadhwani, AppDynamics has changed a bit some positions, Jyoti Bansal is Executive Chairman, the previous CMO Steven Wastie left to join Origami Logic as CMO and Dan Berkowitz, corporate communication leader has quit as well. New era needs new leaders.
With a total amount raised of $314M, among the top recent valuation for an ISV that makes it an obvious unicorn, AppDynamics will continue to accelerate the market adoption but the strategy at the level is a bit fuzzy. Why a company that offers an APM solution needs a new round ? especially when you already reached more than $200M ? The IPO is not the solution as it clearly opens the book and make acquisition a reality for them. To be honest, I see a clear wish to stay independent and build a software giant. Probably a good path, even if the product is fantastic, the APM is still considered as a feature, so AppDynamics must clearly extends its portfolio, makes acquisitions and develops new stuff. With all this cash, we expect such moves...

Mar 29, 2016

Trifacta introduces Photon

Trifacta (www.trifacta.com), leader in data preparation with its Wrangler offering, today announced a new iteration of its portfolio with Photon Compute Framework. The company unveils an in-memory compute facility in addition to Apache Spark, MapReduce and with Apache Arrow compliance, a new open source in-memory columnar data format for the Hadoop ecosystem coming from the Drill project. The Apache Foundation announced very recently - Feb. 17, 2016 - that Arrow is now a top-level project. Trifacta will embed Photon directly within Wrangler and users will receive additional capabilities transparently with great benefits. In-memory means faster response times and immediate results, two fundamental criteria of choice at-scale. New dimension for Trifacta with this announcement, but also new competition, 2016 will be interesting.