Feb 24, 2017

New player in blockchain-based storage

Blockade Technologies ( is a new entrant in the cloud storage landscape especially in the small group of blockchain-based storage players. I discovered and met this company during the recent StartupGrind conference and talked to them to understand their model and solution.

Feb 23, 2017

FlashGrid ready for Cloud IaaS

FlashGrid (, active player in NVMe storage for databases, just announced impressive results for high performance database running in the cloud. The company's goal was to demonstrate the potential high level of performance even for public cloud instances, I mean aligned with bare-metal ones. We have met FlashGrid with the IT Press Tour in December 2015 for the 17th edition and they continue to innovate and lead a new wave of storage for high demanding applications.

Feb 21, 2017

Acaveo is dead

Acaveo (, player in File Analysis founded in 2012, has disappeared recently silently. I got confirmation of that from Geoff Bourgeois, former CTO, and Greg Campbell, former Chief Architect, now co-founders of HubStor, still in Ottawa. The web site is unreachable and is owned now by Avaleris, a company founded by the same CEO Ron Mc Donell.

Feb 9, 2017

What a program for the #22 IT Press Tour

The IT Press Tour (, the leading press event in for EMEA press, just announced its participants early March for the Businessa nd IT Applications edition.

Feb 2, 2017

Minio is GA

Minio ( just announced the general availability of its distributed object storage product. Met for the second time last December during The IT Press Tour, we were pleased to see all the developments made since our previous visit one year before.

Jan 25, 2017

Scott Genereux #2 at Veritas Technologies

Veritas Technologies (, leader in data management, has recruited Scott Genereux as its new EVP WFO. His LinkedIn profile is not updated yet, Veritas didn't announce anything yet as well but he's listed on the leadership page of the company. He has worked at various storage and cloud companies such Hitachi Data Systems, Oracle, Nirvanix, QLogic and DDN. Interesting...

Two different destinies

Following my article on the Storage Newsletter published 2 days ago that tries to explain and understand why SimpliVity got acquired for a pretty low EVI multiple (Enterprise Value /  Investment - 2.35x) by HPE, Cisco just announced the acquisition of AppDynamics for $3.7B, a price we heard for SimpliVity just a few months ago still from same acquirer. Immediately we realize that the EVI is 11.78x which reflects a super deal for investors and AppDynamics and confirms the hot position of the company.

Jan 23, 2017

Primary Data ready for 2017

Primary Data (, alternative player in scale-out NAS, just announced the arrival of Robert Wilson to lead the sales effort especially the channel strategy. Robert Wilson was VP of Global Sales at EMC ScaleIO and VP of Hyperscale Sales at Fusion-io, connection made with the current exec team of Primary Data. After several years of technology and product definition and development, Primary Data enters now in a new phase to accelerate market adoption. 2017 will be interesting for the company, let's see the first big deals to validate the move.

Jan 18, 2017

Silvercor, Ethernet Flash Drives

Silvercor (, alternative storage vendor, is an other player similar to Igneous with an embedded cpu board on each drive. Drives are Ethernet Flash drives exposing iSCSI or an object interface and CPUs are AMD Embedded G-Series SoC quad or dual 64bits x86 cores.

Jan 11, 2017

New round for the New Panzura

Panzura (, leader in the cloud storage gateway market segment, just announced a new VC round of $32M for a total of $90M almost 3 years after the last capital injection. With a new management in place led by Patrick Harr for a few months now, the company is now ready to accelerate the development of new products, Panzura introduced recently an archive gateway named Freedom, and is also ready for new generation of gateway to tackle on-prem storage.