Jan 12, 2016

Datadog announces a new financial round

Datadog (www.datadog.com), leader in SaaS-based monitoring platform for Cloud applications, just unveiled a new VC round - D - of $94.5M for a total of $147.9M. Previous investors have participated plus new ones and the round was oversubscribed. Datadog belongs to a small group of French-American companies with french leaders at the top who have passed by far the $100M funding money. The second is probably Anaplan with a total of $144.4M.

Nov 27, 2015

SNIA Tutorials at Storage Visions 2016

SNIA (www.snia.org) will deliver a set of tutorial for the pre-conference day of Storage Visions 2016 scheduled for January 3rd at Luxor Palace. The program is detailed below from 1pm to 5pm:
  1. 1pm - 1:45pm: Thomas Rivera, Sr. Technical Associate, HDS, "Privacy vs. Data Protection: The Impact of EU Data Protection Legislation"
  2. 1:50pm - 2:35pm: Carl Waldspurger, R&D, Cloud physics, and Irfan Ahmad, CTO, CloudPhysics, "Practical Online Cache Analysis and Optimization"
  3. 2:40pm - 3:25pm: Philippe Nicolas, Industry Advisor, Rozo Systems, "Massively Scalable File Storage"
  4. 3:30pm - 4:15pm: Ramin Elahi, Adjunct Faculty, UC Santa Cruz Silicon Valely, "Fog Computing an its Ecosystem"
  5. 4:20pm - 5:05pm: Michael Willet, VP Marketing, Bright Plaza, "Implementing Stored-Data Encryption"

Nov 26, 2015

Seanodes IP got acquired by a SDS vendor

Tarmin (www.tarmin.com), developper of GridBank, seems to be behind Seanodes IP acquisition we unveiled 2 days ago. I got this feeling a few days ago when we discovered that Marcos Vera was in the loop. We then found out that Marcos is an employee at Tarmin leading the IT Infrastructure stuff. We may be wrong but it could be right as well, we'll see. It will mean that Tarmin will prepare something new and an extension or radical change of their storage layer.

Nov 25, 2015

IT Press Tour Update

Just a few last minutes changes for The IT Press Tour (www.itpresstour.com) as we're glad to add Minio, an open source object storage solution, to the current list of participants. Also, Springpath notified us a few days ago that they won't be able to participate for corporate strategy reasons so finally the list we'll be:
  • Cohesity, recent player in the mission to unify secondary storage,
  • FlashGrid, pretty unique player with a very fast shared storage for Oracle RAC and ASM,
  • LiveAction, innovator in network management,
  • Mangstor, developper on a full Flash storage array,
  • Minio, an open source object storage solution started by Gluster team,
  • OpenIO, pioneer in Object Storage software with the original idea initiated in 2006,
  • Outpace.io, next generation of Ethernet storage,
  • Primary Data, leader in Parallel NFS world,
  • Rozo Systems, alternative player with an innovative Scale-Out NAS solution,
  • Rubrik, promoter of converged data management,
  • Tegile, leader in Flexible enterprise Flash storage,
  • and Xirrus, high performance Wifi for Business.
Again, super week in perspective, pretty dense around Storage and Networking. Follow us on Twitter with the hashtag #ITPT.

Nov 24, 2015

Seanodes is back

Seanodes seems to reborn from the ashes. I'm sure some of you remember Seanodes as a pioneer of Scale-Out Block Storage with its Exanodes product like LeftHand Networks or more recently ScaleIO, acquired by EMC, the Bulgarian StorPool, Maxta or VMware vSAN. It exists today plenty of example of this approach. The company led by Jacques Baldinger finally stopped its business activity end of 2009 and got a new try by Eric Bueno in 2011.
A recent event happened with the IP bought by Bernado Marcos Vera and Anthony Klapcia, both directors at Seanodes Limited. It exists one Marco Vera at Tarmin but I didn't find any direct link.
Interesting, at least it demonstrates a few things: 1/ Seanodes was a very good idea already validated by some vendors I mentioned above 2/ Seanodes code and Exanodes product are good and the market is ready and 3/ the cost of the IP was ridiculous and it was a bargain.
But the good thing of this move is the fact that the code is now Open Source under the name OpenExanodes an you can find everything on GitHub at https://github.com/Seanodes/OpenExanodes. Long life to Seanodes...

Nov 23, 2015

Datadog strengthens its R&D in Paris

Datadog (www.datadog.com), leader in Cloud Monitoring, continues to structure and build a strong R&D team with a new Lab in Paris, France. The company with French roots believes in Europe and especially in Paris capability to attract developers and super coding talents. Datadog has chosen "Silicon Sentier" and keep New-York as the company HQ.

Nov 13, 2015

Hortonworks, more and more global

Hortonworks (www.hortonworks.com | NASD:HDP), founded in 2011 and leader in Hadoop environment, continues to penetrate the market with strong figures especially the number of customers. As of June 30, 2015, the company had 556 customers with 119 added in Q2/2015. The platform is more and more universal with the capability to run any application and storage any kind of data. In the detail, it's not yet the truth but the momentum is clearly set. Huge promoter of the open source approach, Hortonworks has 2 revenue streams - support and architecture/services - and actively develops an Open Enterprise Platform. One of the key elements of success of Hadoop is clearly the ecosystem that boosts end-user adoption thanks to 1350+ partners. No doubt, this metric contributes to the success.
An other key strategy event that Hortonworks considers seriously is the Internet of Things or IoT. IoT means massive amount of data, from any sources, which is a perfect justification for the Hadoop platform. To sustain such strategy, Hortonworks has acquired Onyara and promotes the new platform named DataFlow as the right architecture and solution for IoAT meaning Internet of Any Thing. Onyara was a leading contributor to the Apache NiFi, top project at Apache Software Foundation. The original idea of Onyara came from NSA under the name "Niagara Files" (so the NiFi acronym) where the project was first designed and proven at scale. NiFi was given to ASF in Fall 2014 and then became a top Apache project in July 2015. More informations are available here for Apache NiFi. This project consolidates the central role of Hadoop and its capability to process tons of data in batch or real-time mode with other key pieces. This is also a clear direction for Hortonworks that considers IoAT as an infrastructure service. Clearly a very interesting strategy that creates a key differentiator against other Hadoop players.

Nov 9, 2015

AtScale to enable real-time Analytics on Hadoop

AtScale (www.atscale.com), software player in the Hadoop space, has emerged recently with a business solution to boost audience marketing. The company, founded in 2013 by Dave Mariani, fills the gap between the business side and the IT side based on Hadoop. So far, the editor raised $9M in 2 rounds by 4 investors ready to tackle a huge market opportunity. Coming from various business entities that have leveraged "past" technologies, Dave Mariani got a few strong beliefs in Business Intelligence such as the self capability of an IT service and the fundamental role of Hadoop in data processing.

So obviously, he launched a new company to realize his dream "Business Intelligence on Hadoop" as he considered this as the NBT. How to make things happening between 2 worlds ? He have already experienced the need but now with Hadoop, its even more compelling and users are not prepared. It's no longer about learning about understanding how it works but more about the use of it. It's not a question about the tool and the choice of it, but more the application if Hadoop. No doubt, Hadoop wons, the ecosystem is huge and the ubiquity is global. AtScale's goal is to revolutionize how BI is operated within the Enterprise and how to leverage the best platform to do it today. It will be fast, simple, dynamic, realtime and easy to change and adapt with the analysis tool on top of Hadoop. AtScale resides in the middle as the mediation engine to orchestrate all data processing within Hadoop and offer an access to all BI tool through industry standards access methods.

Pretty easy in the needs and concepts but tough to realize and deliver, how else deliver such approach ?

Nov 2, 2015

Datadog for a complete Cloud Monitoring approach

Datadog (www.datadog.com), among the leaders in Cloud Monitoring, continues its market penetration with an even more comprehensive solution to cover all IT aspects and environments. The company was founded in 2010 by Olivier Pomel and Alexis Lê-Quôc and raised a total of $53.4M from Index Ventures, RTP Ventures, OpenView Ventures Partners and Amplify Partners.
Datadog's product is a monitoring and analytics platform exposed as a SaaS service. Like other players in that space, the approach is based on collecting data from servers, databases, applications, tools and services with agents deployed in various places and locations to gather metrics and events. The company uses an open source Python agent and the core engine is built around several famous open source products such D3, Cassandra, Kafka or PostgreSQL. In 2014, Datadog has added the support of pure public cloud offering such Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and RedHat OpenShift and more recently OpenStack and Docker. The platform is super comprehensive and illustrates the race between players in that space.
The product doesn't make any difference between Private, Public or Hybrid clouds, all IT operations is a good candidate for Datadog and if the environment is becoming more and more complex, Datadog becomes an obvious choice, no doubt. Among its customers, we see Netflix, Spotify, EA, Facebook or Salesforce, and it's always a good sign that large companies pick small players solution even for some of them that could have the power to develop their own stuff but they don't.

In February 2015, Datadog acquired Mortar Data to provide analytics to its cloud data management platform. With that the company addresses Cloud Monitoring but also Application Performance Management with a rich end-to-end approach.
In a nutshell, I see 4 pillars that ned to be considered when you select such solution:
  1. Environment support from private to public cloud but also hybrid,
  2. End-to-end solution,
  3. Correlation between metric, events and tiers and
  4. of course pricing and with Datadog it's $15 per host per month up to 500 hosts for metrics, events and alerts.
With the current IT evolution, the agility needed by Enterprises and the fast move to the Cloud, Cloud Monitoring is a must and Datadog belong to the category of the few mandatory solution to consider.

Oct 29, 2015

SwiftStack 3.0 ready to take off

SwiftStack (www.swiftstack.com), leader in open source object storage, just unveiled SwiftStack Object Storage 3.0 the first day of the OpenStack Summit in Tokyo. Among the main features, this release offers a Amazon S3 API and a pay-as-you-grow pricing model. SwiftStack signed last year 50 new customers that's represent a very fast growth. For access methods, SwiftStack allows object and file mode respectively with REST, Swift and S3 APIs and SMB and NFS via the Maldivica based-gateway. The SwiftStack Controller has been enhanced with Active Secondary Controller, support of Active Discovery and the hardware profiles for resellers to simplify and accelerate deployment. The last element is the data protection with the choice between Erasure Coding and Replication based models. SwiftStack continues to enhance the product with regular updates, good to see a real customer adoption for Open Source Object Storage with a strong momentum. Congrats Mario and the team.