Feb 5, 2015

Qumulo entered in a new dimension

Qumulo (www.qumulo.com), a storage company launched by former Isiloners, has just announced a round fo 40M$ from KPCB, Highland Capital, Madrona Venture Group and Valhalla Partners. With this B round, the total reaches now 67M$. At the same time, Sujal Patel, one of the legend behind Isilon, also joined the board. We expect Qumulo to really shake the storage market with an advanced data-centric storage solution leveraging an unique proven expertise in scale-out NAS. As a few companies already started to integrate and take advantage of Flash storage, Qumulo took a very innovative file system approach especially for the meta-data part. Again, 10 millions files could be seen as a huge number and some classic approach could be considered good enough but for 10 or 100 billions of files, a new design is a Must and Qumulo is about to change that growing storage segment. Remember, Isilon is still the reference in Scale-Out NAS invented at the beginning of the century and some of the team members already demonstrated his knowledge and capabilities in scale-out DB with Clustrix. These people are experts. Wow! what a good news for the industry. Congrats to Peter and his team.

Jan 30, 2015

SolarWinds acquired Librato

Librato (www.librato.com), the company driven by Fred van den Bosch, former CTO of VERITAS Software, has joined SolarWinds after almost 4 years of development and market evangelism with Metrics and Silverline. During this period Librato has demonstrated the flexibility of the hosted monitoring platform able to sustain very high data stream loads coming from a huge number of cloud-based applications, perfect for AWS or Heroku. Since the inception, Librato raised 5.1M$ in 2 rounds from 3 investors. SolarWinds made the right choice with Librato, its strong and robust monitoring platform will join the application performance management portfolio especially for demanding AWS and Heroku based applications. We met 2 times Librato with the IT Press Tour in June 2011 and December 2013 as we understood the power of developed platform built by a small very talented team. Congrats Fred.

Jan 29, 2015

Sinequa hires Fabrice de Salaberry

Sinequa (www.sinequa.com), French ISV on search engines, just announced the recruitment of Fabrice de Salaberry as COO. Fabrice is a well know and respected leader in the industry with experience at Quadratec then Atempo and more recently at Active Circle with a successful exit with Oodrive. Fabrice's international experience will boost Sinequa's overseas business. Congratulations for Sinequa and Fabrice.

Jan 27, 2015

Hitachi expands its end-to-end content strategy

Hitachi Data Systems (www.hds.com), the Japanese storage giant, recently announced a refresh of the Hitachi Content Platform with several interesting new features or enhancements.

As a historical extension to Archivas acquired for approx. 100-120M$ in 2007, Hitachi is serious about content storage and this announce solidifies HDS strategy in that domain. HCP is already strong in archiving mode with WORM, data destruction and digital signatures capabilities, but very often only considered for tier 2 and even more storage needs. In term of market adoption, Hubert Yoshida, CTO of HDS, recently mentioned an interesting number in his January 2015 blog: HDS has 1000+ HCP deployments representing a total of 215+PB. It's impressive in term of capacity and number of installations but on average it is just 215TB per instance.

HCP line comprises now 4 elements:
  • HDI or Hitachi Data Ingestor is the cloud storage gateway acting as a remote/branch file access appliance. HDS understands the strategic role of such component in an infrastructure as object storage provides easy remote data access via http but can't offer any file access based on standard file sharing protocols.
  • HCPA or HCP Anywhere is the Sync-n-Share companion.
  • HCP S10 is a brand new element in the architecture providing an on-premise capacity tier with erasure coding data protection mode. Physically S10 is an HW appliance with 60 4TB drives coupled with 6 cores CPUs in a 4U chassis. 80 nodes can be configured together to provide 18PB. This low cost tier is connected to HCP via S3 API controlled by the HCP adaptive cloud tiering capability. This engine supports already Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google, Cloud Storage, Verizon Cloud or Hitachi Cloud Service for Content Archiving.
  • HCP supports the OpenStack Swift API and Keystone and is integrated with Horizon and could be used for Glance image service as well. This represents a new extension in API support and today HCP has a wide support of industry, standard and de-facto APIs.
2015 will be very, very interesting in object storage, follow my various comments and posts in next few weeks...

Jan 26, 2015

One of the dreams of Aaron Levie is now real

Box (www.box.net | NYSE:BOX), the obvious and most probably visible document collaboration and sharing tool for the enterprise made a fantastic IPO last friday on Nyse. The stock was introduced at 14$ and finished the day at 23$ with a gain of 9$ so 65% increase. The IT Press Tour have visited and have met a few years ago Box in Palo Alto and have spent some time with Dan Levin, COO, and Aaron Levie during a memorable session. Check the video we recorded in March 2011 almost 4 years ago. We say "Bravo Aaron" in French.

Jan 23, 2015

HvNAS belongs to NetApp now

HvNAS Networks, an independent developer in SMB3 finally landed in NetApp's basket. When you try hvnas.com you are now redirected to netapp.com. In fact this is confirmed by the WhoIs page that clearly mentioned the fact.

Also Dilip Naik's LinkedIn page mentioned he's now Principal Engineer at NetApp since Oct. 2014 and didn't mentioned HvNAS at all. At the same time, October 14th, 2014 was the last day of publications on the winntfs blog by Dilip Naik. Hum it gives me the feeling that NetApp wished to hide this silent acquisition. Here is the original HvNAS home page that clearly detailed their are of expertise.

HvNAS focused on SMB3 even if they do SMB2 and provided source code library license. SMB3 is strategic for Microsoft for applications and core services like SQL, Exchange, SharePoint and Hyper-V and we can understand why NetApp had some look at this small entity (5 developers), they got The expertise. EMC already announced SMB3 with VNX beginning of 2013, on Isilon in July 2014 with OneFS 7.1.1 and NetApp supports it as well starting since ONTAP 8.2. Dilip is a Microsoft MVP and he did a brilliant talk during last SNIA SDC 2014 conference where he covers SMB3 and its benefits. Good catch for NetApp.

Jan 22, 2015

StorPool extends EMEA sales force

StorPool (www.storpool.com), a leader in Block SDS, just announced the recruitment of Rick Dudson as the EMEA sales director. Super news for the fast growing storage ISV, 2015 will be interesting as the company become more and more attractive against other gorillas. The product gives agility to users and is a real alternative versus ScaleIO, Maxta or VMware vSAN for instance. Try it, you'll be surprise by the capability and features of the product, really rich and strong. Congrats Boyan x2.

Jan 15, 2015

Cloudian jumps into the Smart Data wave

Cloudian (www.cloudian.com), leader in Hybrid Cloud Storage, just made a strategic announcement with the jump into the Big Data Analytics with the support of Hortonworks Hadoop distribution. The vendor identifies 3 key trends for 2015: Hybrid Storage, Smart Data based on Hadoop and Analytics and finally a new cost model with COTS and Software-Defined Storage philosophy. As Paul Turner, CMO of Cloudian, said: "in 2015, the storage will become hybrid".
The new release Cloudian HyperStore 5.1 introduces essentially 3 key things:

1/ Smart Data Analytics with the Hortonworks HDP certification and the idea to process and analyze data in-place,

2/ SmartSupport Analytics, available free of charge and enabled by default, as an advanced call home feature "a la Nimble" like InfoSight to provide pro-active analysis,

3/ and the core product 5.1 with federated geo-replication and the capability to apply different policies to replicate data and metadata across different clusters. And 3 other functionalities with end-user credentials in the cloud, hybrid cloud chargeback reporting and OpenStack Icehouse support.

With this announcement, Cloudian illustrates perfectly that object storage as a technology is a perfect receptacle to store and protect data ingested from multiple various sources such as social networks, consumer appliances, applications logs and IoT to be then processed by an Hadoop based analytics engine.
In 2 words, the support of Hortonworks Cloudian provides an Elastic MapReduce infrastructure on-premise.
More globally, Cloudian has announced a fantastic year in 2014 with 300% growth in term of customers base. With 60 employees and pure indirect model, Cloudian promotes Hybrid Cloud Storage at 1c/GB/month. 2015 will be interesting in that market segment.

Jan 14, 2015

Proud of what I achieved here at Scality

IDC recently published the second Object Storage MarketScape study and Scality is number 1. This is the right moment for me as well for a general comment. Starting in October 2011 with Scality at a time almost nobody knew the company, I worked hard to ingest some storage culture (Scality has a strong distributed systems DNA) and boost visibility for Scality in press and analyst, build content as almost nothing existed before, I introduced 4 product generations on the market, drove and built all competition analysis, moved the positioning from Object Storage to Unified Storage to Software-Defined Storage, led the OpenStack initiative, represented Scality to industry bodies, foundations and associations, and started an ISV ecosystem to penetrate vertical segments and use cases. In a nutshell, this is what I did at Scality, 3 jobs in 1, Product Management, Product Marketing and Industry Partnership, we named it Product Strategy. I'm proud of that period and IDC last result is the perfect illustration of my contribution.

Jan 8, 2015

Atlantis Computing swapped again its CEO

Atlantis Computing (www.atlantiscomputing.com), leader in storage virtualization for server virtualization with their USX solution, a strong reference in VDI, made recently a silent CEO swap. Announced a few months ago, Jason Donahue replaced Bernard Harguindeguy who was instrumental in the growth of the company during past years. The announcement surprised me as there was no mention at all of Bernard Harguindeguy and no thanks at all. At that time with the new company identity launched a few weeks later, I submitted a blog post on Atlantis web site that was removed and never officially published, that post suggested that Jason Donahue arrival is also a synonym of an exit strategy desire, probably an indication of some strategy divergence between Bernard and Chetan Venkatesh as well. On the other hands, Donahue track record is interesting for Atlantis for the next company step as he sold in the past 3 companies: ClearApp to Oracle in 2008, Meiosys to IBM in 2005 and Ejasent to VERITAS Software in 2004 for less than 60M$. He did also an IPO with Apptix. A web site capture show the reality taken a few hours ago.

A few weeks ago, Gregg Holzrichter left also the company to join Big Switch Networks as CMO.
I don't know all the details but something is happening there...